15"h x 21"w x 11.5"l
Cast in bronze and finished in a semi- transparent polychrome patina. 
Unique Casting

  "Lift Off" is my most recent piece, completed in January of 2016. It was featured in the Sedona Arts Center Member's Exhibition in March of this year. It features a Gambel quail taking flight, supported by iris leaves. The most interesting part for me in creating this piece was working with dental wax to model an iris in full bloom. This wax is highly malleable, perfect for creating the ruffled edges of the blossom.
"Lift Off"
"Anticipation, II"
8"h x 5"w x 20"l
 Cast in bronze and finished in a semi- transparent polychrome patina.
AP/4  Edition 35 

    A pair of bronze ravens are mounted on a large stone in our front yard. For a time after they took up residence there, wild ravens gathered now and then in a nearby apple tree. They curiously waited to hear what these new girls on the block might have to say, but have long since found the two silent newcomers all too boring.
    So...I created a third individual, one who is caught in the act of gathering nesting material. What wild bachelor raven could possibly resist heckling a newly mated father-to-be, bent on a course of obedient domesticity?
    This raven is life-size and designed for outdoor display. It lends itself very well to mounting on a wall or deck railing or possibly on a stone plinth with the application of a name or house number. This image shows an example of basing for indoor display.
"First Prize, Sculpture", American Academy of Women Artists Exhibition, 
Mill Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico,  2006
"Lakota Effigy Vessel"
17.5"h x 6.5"w 
Cast in bronze and finished in a semi- transparent polychrome patina.
AP/4   Edition of 25 

    The Indian tribes of the Great Plains believed that invisible presences existed which could be contacted to bring harmony into their lives. Through vision quests they sought to bring the supernatural and natural worlds into close contact. During a vision quest, the individual experienced a higher level of consciousness and would be visited by an animal spirit who then became his spirit guide throughout life. The animal helper carried petitions and prayers to the Great Spirit and was the embodiment of personal power.
    Among the Lakota Sioux the raven was a potent spirit guide -- mummified birds were wrapped in ceremonial red flannel strips and placed with other meaningful symbols in a personal medicine bag.
      The most recent castings of this piece includes handles near the top on each side which are embellished with beads and black feathers.
"Close Encounter"
    Have you ever worn a red hat or scarf and been startled by the whir of a diving hummingbird, come to investigate if you are food or friend?
    Through eons of conditioning these wee, beautiful creatures are drawn to shades of crimson like steel to a magnet. No matter that the "flower" is hat shaped and sits atop a being that would otherwise be considered threatening. The implicit promise of that wonderful red is irresistible.
     To encounter a hummingbird hovering inches before your eyes is a rare blessing, too soon ended, and always remembered.
8"h x 6.5"w x 10" l  Edition Closed
1 casting remaining
Cast in bronze and finished in a semi-transparent polychrome patina   
"Feathering a Nest"
   While driving home from Sedona a friend of mine noticed a raven sitting atop a horse, plucking winter hair to line a springtime nest. Knowing my love of ravens, she stopped her car and took a photograph that became the inspiration for this sculpture. Apparently there are few limits to raven behavior, and I look forward to the next examples. 
13"h x 9"l x  7"w 
Cast in bronze and finished in a semi-transparent polychrome patina. 
AP/4   Edition 35
    The horse is a universal symbol in the cosmologies of the world. Many myths express the horse's innate clairvoyance and ability to perceive the magic within humans. It can  represent the warrior spirit, loyalty, courage and is also linked with prophecy, hence the well known saying, 'straight from the horse's mouth'.
    Myths are a part of contemporary life in more ways than we would care to admit...'nightmares' and 'horse sense' are common phrases that date from antiquity. The society of 'Horse Whisperers' is one of a number of ancient crafts that has survived down to the present day amongst those that work exclusively with horses.
    The most important association  the horse embodies as a totem animal is that of a magical transporter to the Other World. Perhaps this is the role of the Scottish Kelpie, or water horse. In Gaelic folklore, shape-shifting Kelpies were considered to be the guardian spirit of lochs and streams. So beautiful that one could not resist them, the inspecting rider would be carried at great speed straight into the watery depths.
    However, if one could bridle this magic horse, it would immediately become docile, and if you looked through the rings of the bridle-bit, you might gain the gift of Second Sight.
11.5"l  x  7"h
Cast in  bronze andfinished in a complex  transparent patina. 
Bases vary and are  always one-of-a-kind.
Unique casting

Celtic Water Horse, "Kelpie" 
"The Collector"
  A raven is perched on the side of a wooden bowl containing some   interesting bits that a raven might treasure. These will form the beginning of a collection of memorabilia of your own.
8"h x 15"w x  15"d
Cast in bronze and finished in a semi-transparent polychrome patina. Wooden Bowl
Unique Castings